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Wellsboro House Brewing Company

Wellsboro Brewing Company

The Wellsboro House is proud to offer the area’s ONLY micro brewery!
Our entire portfolio is available in tall quarters and halves, as well as on tap at the Wellsboro House Tavern.

  •  Rail Boss Ale

    Rail Boss Ale

    Our first brew in honor of the Trainstation Brewery, reflecting the “Railboss” in charge who liked his coffee to start the day and a cold one to finish. A crisp, red ale steeped with a Cameroon coffee. The deep notes of the coffee are reflected in this refreshing ale. 6.3% ABV


  • Wynken, Blynken and Nod Out

    Wynken, Blynken and Nod Out IPA

    Wynken, Blynken and Nod one night sailed off in search of a brew… what they hauled in was this four-hop variety English style IPA. Crisp and malty in character with a great hop finish. Enough of these and you will be reciting nursery rhymes. 7.5% ABV


  • South of the Border Porter

    South of the Border Porter (SOB)

    Who doesn’t love an SOB? Well, our South of the Border Porter features a medium roasted Mexican coffee. Subtle and solid with a smooth taste, light hint of coffee, and never overpowering. 5.8% ABV


  • Wellsboro Wheat Series

    Wellsboro Wheat Series

    Proving the versatility of Wheat Beers, we focus on seasonal offerings with our series. From the crisp, golden summer wheat of the American Wheat or the Kick in the Berries, with its blackberry sweetness and jalapeno kick, to some of our winter favorites such as the Butter Pecan Wheat. Ask your distributor for seasonal availability.



  • Bavarian Steam

    Bavarian Steam Beer

    A German Steam Beer traditionally brewed in the region of Bavaria. One of the rare examples of a traditional Barley Ale brewed with Hefeweizen Yeast. Hints of banana and clove complement this easy drinking brew. 6.6% ABV



  • Stumbling Monks

    Stumbling Monks Belgian Style Ale

    No trip to the Monastery needed to enjoy this golden Belgian Style Ale. We sat in quiet reflection and meditation considering how much we like a good Belgian Style Ale and this was our result. We think the Monks would be proud of our efforts. 6.6% ABV



  • Double D Rye Ale

    Double D Rye Ale

    Busting at the seams with hints of rye, this beer goes down smooth with a great mouthfeel. The healthy dose of rye in the grain bill gives it a hearty, full-bodied taste. 7.0% ABV



  • Dan Smith's Chocolate Stoudt

    Dan Smith’s Chocolate Stoudt

    We’re proud to be partnering with the famous Dan Smith’s Chocolate Factory in Brookville, PA. Do you like chocolate? Well, chocolate is in the aroma, taste, and finish which complement this smooth chocolate stoudt with just a hint of sweetness.  Who needs dessert? Ask your distributor about our Dan Smith’s Vanilla Chocolate Porter. 5.5% ABV

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